Life of a Breeding Dog

We are registered; licensed professional breeders - with 15 plus years of experience creating dogs with calm and graceful personalities. We believe in a holistic approach with an emphasis on excellence in the socially balanced dogs we raise.

We adhere to the canadian kennel code of practice and we are regularly inspected. Our families’ lifes’ work is our passion for creating amazing family dogs; personal support dogs and therapy dogs. We are in LINDSAY ONTARIO.

We want help you find your Next Best Friend.... WE BREED FOR CALM TEMPERAMENT. We only breed mid sized dogs for their predictable demeanour and size. (unlike miniatures). We only breed mid sized (40-50 lb average) retriever Doodles. (Goldendoodle/ Cockapoo)

Dog's Life

Our breeding dogs are from long lines of health tested stock. Our dogs retire between the age of 5 or 6. When our girls are about two years of age we start working with a guardian family to get them accustomed to home life. We develop the relationship with the guardian family early hoping that this will become their permanent home. We like knowing exactly where are retired girls are and know the home is working out well for them. We are available to take back the girl if needed at any time after retirement if the guardian family has a change in situation. This ensures our girls don’t ever find themselves homeless.

Our breeding dogs come from breeders who have health tested their dogs for generations and have carefully diversified their DNA by integrating European lines into to their breeding program. It is more important for purebreds to be tested because of the generations of imbreeding done by CKC breeders so they could win In the show ring. Duplicated DNA for generations is why the defects became a problem. This is why hybrids are preferred now for better health.

We plan our breedings based on many factors such as size, colour genetics etc.


Our dogs are small standards, the smallest versions of their breed; while not using miniature poodles to breed down our dogs in size. The back of the dog comes up to your knee.

Why we don’t breed any version of miniatures?

We have lots of clients who come to us for a calm midsized dog- after having made the mistake of buying a miniature doodle and having to rehome it. They have small dog syndrome. Miniatures are known to be insecure, needy, constantly barking and have many health concerns common in small breed dogs. The biggest issue of that They can be FEAR BITERS - not the best pet for your family and CHILDREN.

MINIATURE DOODLES end up with a split personality - like a bipolar personality because of the two opposite personalities of the parents.

Also the size is very unpredictable as the parents are such drastic size difference.


These dogs come in 3 sizes.

  • MINIATURE. Not recommended because of personality.
  • MID SIZE : (medium) recommend
  • STANDARD: majestic; but can suffer from hip issues.

Selective Parents

Not every dog that we bring to the program actually ends up producing a litter. We assess every dog and as they are being raised for personality, temperament, intelligence, calmness and ability to be a good companion. We select only the best for our program.

Holistic Approach

A combination of holistic dog food choice, avoiding using harsh chemicals in our kennel, no over medicating our puppies, daily probiotic and multivitamin- using diatomaceous earth for flea and parasite control instead of toxic flea drops or medications. Also We DO NOT do any altering or invasive procedures such as microchipping – which is a health risk due to high rate of tumor and paralysis. We suggest a name tag instead.

Read website to understand about toxins; unsafe foods and plants for your dog.


Our dogs and puppies are socialized by our family and staff. We have a team of high school students who come daily to work with our dogs. Training, leash walking and social go hand in hand.

We are careful to balance the correct amount of social with teaching self entertainment with our dogs and pups.

Your dog’s needs are important, and we recognize that not all products are created equal so our holistic boutique offers all you might need for a healthy pup!

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