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P R E M I U M 
Goldendoodle & Cockapoo Breeders
Where best friends come from!​


Premium Doodle & Cockapoo Breeder

“Partnering with you for successful dog ownership”






We have puppies 

ready to go home!

Call us to book a tour.

705 875 5195

When you purchase a dog from us you are not simply buying the animal. You also paying for our knowledge, over 15 years experience and continued support. 

 We are licensed and inspected so you know our breeding program is monitored We carefully assess our parents based on health and temperament so you can trust in our dogs being support dog quality. 

We provide a full education package and educate you fully on every aspect of care and knowledge on how to raise your dog. We are available to help you with answers 7 days a week for the life of the dog. We are your lifeline.  


 Comes with:

A great socialized personality

2 Yr Congenital Health Guarantee;

First vaccine shots

Vet inspection for Health

Vet record of health

Parasite prevention

Dewormer Medication

Starter Probiotic

Education Package

Education Meeting

Lifetime Breeder Support

$5.00 off link for the dog food

30 days free pet insurance

Go Home Puppy Kit:




Doggie cloth

Puppy Care info

Tlc pup food info

Puppy paw wiper

Food measuring tool

Poop bag dispenser

Puppy pee pad for car ride home

Emergency window cling

Wallet card for emergency

Next of kin health info card.

Dog Boarding Hotel is Open!

 Video  About  us

Did you know?

..... that we specialize 

in educating first time dog owners?



Did you know?

We have puppies 

ready to go home!

Call us to book a tour.



Did you know?

..... that almost 35% of the dogs we produce become Service and personal support dogs for

Autisum, PTSD, Anxiety and more.

Check out our 

facebook page!




What people are saying about us...

What a wonderful dog our puppy grew into and the joy she has brought our family.

We adopted our adorable Mimsy from Lakewood Ranch June 2018. She is super sweet, snuggly, funny and incredibly smart. It is impossible to pick one photo of her because she is so cute and always by our side--whether we are on an adventure or on the couch! She makes every day sweeter and we feel so lucky to have her.

Russ and Heather


Eevee is a wonderful dog. She just turned one and is very friendly, loving, curious and smart. 

She has given us much joy and we know she will continue to do so. 

She loves walks and cuddles she is not an aggressive dog at all, she plays with all dogs and humans



Just a quick snap of my

2 Lakewood doodles

playing in the backyard.

They get along so well together...

the best decision

was to get a 2nd doodle.



Oreo and Jack

Check out our instagram 



meaning we are a government inspected 

adhering to the Code of Practice for 

Canadian Kennel operation; standards set by the 

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.



We are a diversified family business.  

3 Generations building this dream!  

We strive for excellence.

About Lakewood 

Breeding Program

Welcome to Lakewood Ranch Doodles!

We are premium Doodle and Cockapoo Breeders.

We are one of Canada's upscale breeders of best friends located in Ontario. We are multigenerational family business. Our Founder is our matriarch leading four children and their families in our fulfilling life’s work.
Our families’ lifes’ work is our passion for creating amazing family dogs; PERSONAL SUPPORT DOGS and THERAPY dogs. About 30% or more of our puppies become some kind of service/support dog.
We two sizes - we breed MEDIUM size (back of dog up to your knee) Goldendoodles and Labradoodle puppies. Retriever doodles are the calmest of the doodle mixes.

In 2023 we will be producing Cockpoos around 30 lbs.

We specialize in helping FIRST TIME dog owners. We make education a big piece of your dog ownership.

We are licensed, knowledgeable, professional breeders - with many years of experience creating dogs with calm and graceful personalities. We believe in a holistic approach with an emphasis on excellence in the socially balanced dogs we raise.

Being a LICENSED BREEDER means we are inspected yearly by our municipal kennel inspector who awards our license that requires us to adhere to the Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel operation; standards set by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

We take a Holistic approach in raising our dogs. We are proud of building a greener dog. We focus on improving the immune system of our dogs by promoting proper nutrition; reduced exposure to chemicals; reducing over exposure to vaccinations and introducing natural treatments for parasites, fleas and ticks. We believe education and support for new pet owners helps new adoptions be more successful and with less failed adoptions.

We have puppies already born and are available on our website. We still have go home dates coming up soon! Check out our website for newborn and older puppies & dogs. 

If you are looking for something that isn’t not born yet- Book ahead for a specific colour & coat style.


Call if you want to visit or do a virtual tour call us. 
We deliver anywhere in North America. 
We ship from Toronto in Canada. 
We ship from Buffalo in the US. 

Call us for questions 705 875 5195

How big are OUR DOODLE Dogs?

The Size of our goldendoodle and labradoodle pups full grown 

approximately 40-55 RANGE (50 LBS ON AVERAGE) 

(Heights and weights vary as this is a hybrid. 

So we can't guarantee size or height.)

• The Back of the dog comes up to your knee.

• Both are 'gun dogs' who retrieve the duck from the swamp for you.

• They are are companion minded dogs who want to please you.

• They aren't prey driven. Their purpose is to sit by your side and wait for instructions.

Most people don't realize standard poodles were bred for the SAME PURPOSE as retrievers.

• That makes a great combination for a great predictable personality in the dogs we breed. Both parents are similar size so we have a pretty good idea what size they will be.


Usually the back of the dog comes up to your knee, around 40-60 lbs.

• We cannot promise or guarantee size. Or coat. This is a hybrid. Not a breed.

Occasionally - a larger dog may be produced. And coat is our best guess. Not a guarantee.

When researching this hybrid you discover that there are factors that can 

on occasion create a straighter coat or varying sizes. 


These dogs come in 3 sizes.

MINIATURE. Could be any weight as they are unpredictable size


MID SIZE : back of the dog comes up to your knee - average 40-55 lbs- this is the size of Lakewood doodles


STANDARD: 75-110 lbs majestic; but can suffer from hip issues.





We have lots of clients over the years who come to us for a calm midsized dog- after having made the decision to buy a miniature GOLDEN doodle and having to re-home it or regret the decision because of the unpredictable size AND they figured out that when mixing a big dog and a little dog the dog was has issues deciding if it was a BIG dog or a SMALL dog personality creating a hard to trust and train dog.

We’ve heard some people say that their MINIATURE GOLDENDOODLE was HUGE and had a split personality - like a dual personality because of the two opposite personalities of the parents.

 Most of the complaints came from people with an F 1 GOLDEN doodle - where one parent is a full miniature or smaller poodle. I appears that these issues are not the case for every miniature GOLDENDOODLE, and it seems that f 1 b (1/4 miniature) is not as likely to have these issues.

Hearing this feedback we have decided not to take these risks - 

We don't use miniature poodles as parents in our GOLDENDOODLE or LABRADOODLE program. 


We breed 25-30 lb moyen poodles with American cocker spaniels.

They are family friendly, affectionate and were North Americas favourite breed for many years. They are well known for being great companions. They were originally raised as bird dogs. They can easily trained and are a nice smaller medium size. Their should height is 14 to 17".

We are very happy to have people visit us and learn more about us, our dogs and our Ranch. We are located in Lindsay Ontario. (North of Toronto).

As part of your purchase comes the education package that consists of the education video - AND a client reading area on the website that we send a link for when your deposit is sent in.

. Our approach is to breed smaller framed animals - medium size - to reduce stress on hips and joints. We breed a hybrid to increase the likely-hood of a healthier dog with a better immune system than purebred breeds. With years of inline breeding, purebred breeds suffer from reduced immune systems and chronic breed specific health issues. With the introduction of stock from new lines from Europe and other areas in the world, we strengthen the immune system with diversity, and we DO NOT breed ANY related animals. 

We work with you to educate and help understand how to train. A puppy is a clean slate. So no past issues.

We send you an education package and we have a meeting with you when the puppy is 6 weeks to go through everything you need to know

We are here for breeder 

support and your lifeline for the life of the dog. We have someone available 9-9 7 days a week by phone.

We also have a trainer who can coach you also.

15 + years experience. 

Puppies come with:

A great socialized personality;

 2 Yr Congenital Genetic health Guarantee;

 First vaccine shots;

 Vet certified for health;

 Health record


, Parasite prevention deworming, 

Food education

, Advise on raising your dog Holistically, 

Education Package, 

Lifetime breeder support

Puppy kit:

Puppy Care info

,Tlc pup food info, 


, Leash

, Toy, 

Puppy paw wiper, 

Food measuring tool

, Poop bag dispenser

, Puppy pee pad for car ride home, Emergency window cling, 

Wallet card for emergency, 

Next of kin health info card.



F1 loose curl** 

Half retriever/half poodle), 

Virtually no shedding. Loose curl

waves Fluffy Shaggy look.

Shorter legs. Thicker body mass /muscle)


F1b curly *** 

(Less retriever - more poodle)

 Best choice for Allergy concerns/virtually no shedding / Curly teddy bear look / Longer legs. Slighter body frame

Neither have shedding issues. Puppy coat is fluffy. Adult coat comes in around 3-4 mths and curl shows more.

We breed for Health and Temperament !!

Our dogs come from breeders who have health tested their dogs for generations and have carefully diversified their DNA by integrating European lines into to their breeding program. Because our dogs come from tested parents /or lines of tested dogs. We do not feel a need to further test for things the have been bred out of lines they come from. Testing for CKC or purebred animals is common to repair the damage done by breeders who use inline breeding. (inbreeding) which ruins immune systems and increases risks of inherited health defects.

We believe it is best for an owner to learn how to train their puppy themselves so the connection and control is lasting. Best to learn from videos/books /trainer/classes.

We have discovered that when we train a dog for a client- the dog does not always stay with the owner - if you aren’t wanting to spend the effort to learn how to learn train your dog- you won’t know how to manage your dog going forward. Dog ownership is a hands-on venture. Pre-training only works if you already know how to train a dog.


Our dogs retire latest between the age of 5 or 6. We work with guardian families to get our dogs accustomed to home life. We develop the relationship with the guardian family early hoping that this will become their permanent home. We like knowing exactly where are retired dogs are and know the home is working out well for them. We are available to take back the dog if needed at any time after retirement if the guardian family has a change in situation. This ensures our dogs don’t ever find themselves homeless.



AVOIDING Duplicated DNA by diversification in choosing unrelated animals keeps the COI (inbred factor) low which drastically reduces genetic health issues. Our breeding lines come from breeders who have health tested their dogs for generations and have carefully diversified their DNA by integrating European lines into to their breeding program. It is more important for purebreds to be tested because of the generations of inbreeding done by CKC breeders so they could win In the show ring. Duplicated DNA for generations is why the defects became a problem. This is why hybrids are preferred now for better health.

We post parents of each litter on our site when a litter is offered.

We plan our breedings based on many factors such as size, colour genetics etc.



Not every dog that we bring to the program actually ends up producing a litter. We assess every dog and as they are being raised for personality, temperament, intelligence, calmness and ability to be a good companion. We select only the best for our program.



A combination of holistic dog food choice, avoiding using harsh chemicals in our kennel, no over medicating our puppies, daily probiotic and multivitamin- using diatomaceous earth for flea and parasite control instead of toxic flea drops or medications. Also We DO NOT do any altering or invasive procedures such as microchipping – which is a health risk due to high rate of tumor and paralysis. We suggest a name tag instead.

Read website to understand about toxins; unsafe foods and plants for your dog.



Our dogs and puppies are socialized by our family and staff. We have a team high school students who come daily to work with our dogs. Training, leash walking and social go hand in hand.

We are careful to balance the correct amount of social with teaching self entertainment with our dogs and pups.

You Can reserve a specific dog from the website or you can pre-order and We reach out when we have a puppy for you available that matches the description of what you’re looking for and at that time we send you

 parents info and dates.

You can reserve on the website by sending a deposit and filling out the form.

Tell us on your reservation your wish list of coat style, colour and sex and we will do our best to match you with a puppy.

We will contact you to set up an appointment
To VISIT your puppy AT 6 weeks and pick up at 8 week appointments.


of your pup: (contactless) $1.50 per km one way WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE IN ONE DAY



TO SEE Previous PUPPY VIDEOS go to


TO SEE LAKEWOOD Dogs on Instagram





book your reservation deposits based on client wishes on sex, colour, size and ready date. Puppies are selected from newly born litters by video in the first week of life. We try to do some videos on occasion.

A $500 non refundable DEPOSIT is required to RESERVE your puppy from Upcoming litters.

Our website answers most of the questions you could have about having a dog.

Often people ask if boys differ from girls in temperament. They do not.




Call to book an appointment 

if you want to come for a VISIT or VIRTUAL TOUR.

Get in touch!

Lakewood Pet Boutique 

is open 9-5    7 days a week

Puppy Visiting Hours

Visits By appointment ONLY


COOKBOOK : Joy of Cooking for Dogs:

Retiring dogs/Breeder Support/Puppy Questions
Guardian program Contacts:
Guardian Program
Facilitator for existing guardians contact RAE
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