Getting Ready To Own A Dog



Here are some important points:


We offer a first year starter package containing safe holistic products, treats and doggies accessories The package contains: 
A year supply; handmade on the ranch; all natural products.

- we can ship or you can pick up - order on our boutique site.

We offer everything you will need for your puppy - toys; crates; seat belts leash; harness and all of the products you will need for a puppy.

You will need soft toys - for only when you are with your pup. They can be shreaded so they are a choking risk. You will need a sweater or coat; food bowls; toy bin; dental care; tick puller; grooming tools. A dog bed is needed for training. A play pen should be used to keep the puppy from roaming the house. Training treats can be bakery items or meat treats. Use a different treat for toilet rewards than treats for training "sit" or "stay" commands.

You will need boredom busters like a KONG; puzzle balls or snuffle matts; lick matt. See article on website about boredom busters.

Your dog’s needs are important, and we recognize that not all products are created equal so our holistic boutique offers all you might need for a healthy pup!

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