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Welcome to..... LAKEWOOD RANCH

Premium Breeders of Doodles & Cockapoos

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Our 'Dog House' is an 1800 sq. feet kennel, heated to an average of 25 degrees Celcius.  Our mothers enjoy their own suite, with their own bed, doggie door and backyard to enjoy.  We have a kitchen to prepare raw supplements, and the holistic products we make such as paw wax, canine soap, enzyme cleaner, canine pest spray, meat and vegetable treats and more.  We have a birthing suite and neonatal clinic area for new born puppies, equipped with an incubator and ultrasound. 

An average litter size can be 5 to 12 puppies, and sometimes need supplementation until they start gaining well.

Each new mother has a private suite - 

with a resting area, a 'whelp box' for her to give birth and nurse and nurture her puppies until she weans them when they are about 5-6 weeks.  Until that time, we do not disturb her unless absolutely necessary - such as recording daily weights for each puppy.

Our outdoor spaces are large play areas for a few dogs to play with toys.  Each year we add new puppies to our potential list of future breeding dogs.  We have gone as far as southern US to find appropriate breeding stock. We are careful to choose good quality dogs with great personalities to produce our desired temperment.

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